Мy name is Mihail Minkov and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and this is my passion, nigth scape photography.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the stars and the night sky. Over the last two years, I have dedicated my time to capturing and revealing the secrets of the night sky and Milky Way, in particular. I have spent countless hours during the night alone, but not lonely under the night’s sky from February until late October.

The calmness and solitude that gives the night make me feel humble and tranquilized staying under the stars. So many people have never seen the Milky Way with their own eyes, which is a pity because standing under the Milky Way arc in a warm summer night is an experience that you will never forget. Thanks to my light-sensitive camera, we can see a level of detail from the night sky that we can’t see with our naked eyes. In addition to what the night’s sky offers us, I love to add a personal story in the foreground and combine them in one image.

Astrophotography is a complex hobby, and you need to take into consideration lots of factors, efforts, and planning to achieve some results. You can’t just go out and shoot. You need to have the right gear including a good camera and a fast lens. You have to wait for the new moon when the sky is dark enough, travel far away from the city, and the light pollution areas, which is a major problem for night sky observation. Also, you need to wait for the perfect weather conditions - for a clear, cloudless sky. Finding a perfect location, make a good composition, and start to shoot, spending a few hours under the night sky, alone.

If you are lucky enough to have all these conditions, you will finally have some images to work on, and this is where the real work starts! This is where the post process starts by extracting the details and colours your camera managed to capture. This is the point where photographers add their personal touch, adding their heart and soul into their art.

This is the stage where the secrets from the night sky are revealed and we can enjoy the infinity beauties of it, such as Milky Way’s core. This is visible only for a certain period during the year, depending on your location, or the fantastic nebulas or other galaxies. This is the wisdom of the stars, which has been there long before the human race and will remain long after me and my kids and my grandkids.

All the photos are available for print and digital download, just send me an enquiry and I will be happy to help you with everything I can.

Love, Mihail.